The Pope of Peace and the First World War

It has been slightly over a year since Pope Francis was named the Vicar of Christ to replace the ageing Pope Benedict XVI. From the beginning, Pope Francis has been committed to shaking things up in Rome. He was the first non-European Pope since the Syrian Pope Gregory III in 1272, the first Jesuit Pope, the first South American Pope, and the first Pope to use a name not used by a predecessor since Pope Lando in 913. His pronunciations on the role of the Catholic Church and commitment to be a more humble and personable representative of Christ have been met with positives reactions by many. Though some critics wonder if Pope Francis is only speaking of reform but not initiating it, he's at least attempting to maintain the Church's influence in a world where religious institutions seem increasingly parochial – no pun intended. Today we examine one of Pope Francis' predecessor who also struggled to keep the Catholic Church relevant in a changing world.

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