Introducing Our Guest Blog Series

As everyone prepares to celebrate the holidays, Clio’s Current wants to take an opportunity to thank readers for their ongoing interest and support in our endeavor to provide interesting, engaging, and historically-informed articles.  It is our readers for whom we write, and your comments are always interesting (even if some have disagreed with us!). Our regular schedule of each and every Monday and Thursday is at times difficult to maintain, but certainly worthwhile and fulfilling. We've built quite a body of posts on a wide variety of different topics and we look forward to improving.

That being said, as the holidays approach we want to reduce our schedule so that we can enjoy some time off. In place of our regular posts, we're introducing a series of guest writers. The first post, written by Matt Wiseman. Matt is a PhD candidate in history at Wilfrid Laurier University and specializes in Cold War relations, Canadian and American history, as well as economic history. Be sure to check out Matt's blog, too. In his post, Matt explores some of the historical parallels between Harper’s use of Alberta’s tar sands, economic diplomacy, and some of the similarities between the present day and Canadian-American trade relations in the 1960s

The second guest writer is Kellen Kurschinski, a PhD candidate at McMaster University who writes on disability and war. Kellen’s timely piece situates the recent suicides of four Canadian combat veterans, all of whom suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), within the historical context of warfare, battle exhaustion, and nascent understandings of the psychological effects of war.

Following these fascinating posts, Clio's Current will return with regular content every Monday and Thursday. We hope you enjoy our guest blogs and please don't hesitate to give us some feedback.